Cocaine Addiction Rehab and Treatment

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that floods the brain’s reward center with dopamine while increasing alertness, energy, and attention. It can quickly cause physical dependence and cocaine addiction in a person, which makes it difficult to stop using on their own. Addiction treatment programs are the best way to successfully end cocaine use disorder.

What are the Signs of Cocaine Addiction and Abuse?

Many people who abuse cocaine have difficulty admitting they have a problem and need help. Unfortunately, it is not until their cocaine use disorder causes them to hit rock bottom, that they decide to get help. Recognizing signs and symptoms of cocaine abuse may be the first step towards getting treatment for cocaine addiction. When substance abuse is caught early, it increases the chances of successfully completing drug addiction treatment. Signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction include:

  •  Mood swings
  • Not sleeping
  • Runny or blood nose
  • Overconfidence
  • Hyperactivity
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Financial problems
  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Social isolation
  • Unable to stop using even when wanting to
  • Experiencing withdrawals when attempting to stop using

How to Find the Best Cocaine Addiction Rehab For Me

Searching for the right addiction treatment center for cocaine can be overwhelming with the vast amounts of rehab centers across the country. You need to find a treatment center for cocaine that fits your needs including several levels of care, dual diagnosis treatment if co-occurring disorders are present, and a comfortable environment. TruPath is a network of addiction rehab centers across the country with effective, evidence-based addiction treatment therapies. When you call our center, we can connect you with one of our in-network addiction treatment centers nearest to you.

How Does Cocaine Rehab Work? What Can I Expect During Treatment?

Every person’s addiction treatment plan is unique. When cocaine addiction is severe or if you have unsuccessfully attempted detoxing from cocaine on your own, starting at a medically supervised cocaine detox treatment center may be your best first step. In a controlled environment away from drugs and alcohol, medical personnel is available around the clock to help you through the withdrawal process and administer medications to ease symptoms. After completing cocaine detox, treatment programs will continue through several levels of care including inpatient residential addiction treatment and outpatient programs aimed at addressing the underlying causes of addiction. Addiction treatments can include individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, group counseling, and holistic therapies. As you progress through treatment, the treatment plan will be modified to help you transition back into the real world.

Does Health Insurance Cover Cocaine Addiction Treatment and Rehab?

Many health insurance plans cover several levels of care in cocaine rehab, but it all depends on the insurance plan you have. Insurance often can cover at least part of your addiction treatment such as individual therapy and behavioral therapy, with less out-of-pocket costs for you. Our representatives at TruPath can assist you with insurance verification and customize substance abuse treatment plans to fit your budget.

Find Quality and Compassionate Cocaine Addiction Treatment at TruPath

At TruPath, cocaine use disorder is among the addictions we treat throughout our network of treatment centers. Our addiction treatment programs are customized for each client to fit their personal needs and recovery goals. Levels of care included in our treatment programs include cocaine detox, inpatient drug rehab, intensive outpatient program (IOP), partial hospitalization program (PHP), and other outpatient programs. All our detox centers across the country use medication-assisted treatment to ease cocaine withdrawal symptoms while our medical staff monitors your vitals to ensure your safety. As a dual diagnosis treatment center, we are able to treat co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression that may present along with substance abuse.

Overcoming cocaine addiction is possible through the right treatment plans. If you or a loved one is struggling with cocaine use disorder, TruPath can help you get control of your life back through our evidence-based addiction therapies. Please do not let one more day pass by without asking for help, call us today.

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