Telltale Signs of Cocaine Use

signs of cocaine use

8 Signs of Cocaine Use and Addiction

The signs of cocaine use are something that can come in many different shapes and forms due to the fact that cocaine addiction is something that impacts every person differently. There are many people who are unable to hide their addiction, which is something that can make cocaine abuse more telling. There are many other people who are able to hide their addiction, which is one of the reasons why it becomes part of normal life.

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The Death of Anne Heche and Her Battle With Cocaine

Death of Anne Heche

Who is Anne Heche?

Actress Anne Heche was a well-known actress in Hollywood. Although her years of acting spanned soap operas and movies alike, this success did not stop her from struggling with her own addiction issues. On August 5, 2022, Heche crashed her car into the side of a house which instantly caught on fire. Ultimately, this crash is something that would prove to end her life as a result of inhalation and thermal injuries. 

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Cocaine Addiction Rehab and Treatment

Cocaine Rehab Near Me

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that floods the brain’s reward center with dopamine while increasing alertness, energy, and attention. It can quickly cause physical dependence and cocaine addiction in a person, which makes it difficult to stop using on their own. Addiction treatment programs are the best way to successfully end cocaine use disorder.

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