Signs and Symptoms of Addictive Behaviors

Struggling with addiction is one of the hardest things a person can deal with in life and thankfully there are a lot of alcohol and drug rehab resources available.  Alcohol addiction and drug addiction can also greatly impact the friends and loved ones of substance abusers and drug addicts, making the entire situation very painful at times.  It can be tough to convince someone that they need to seek substance abuse treatment. A lot of people with substance use disorders do not realize how damaging their habits have become. They will often justify and rationalize their alcohol abuse or drug abuse.  That is why it is important to try and get an individual to seek treatment as soon as possible if you believe someone you know is in need of addiction recovery care.


At TruPath we have a large number of options when it comes to substance abuse treatment.  No matter how many phases of care a person needs to begin on their road to recovery, we have the addiction resources available, including many specialized options.  We offer inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, medical detox, and both traditional and holistic treatment approaches. We also offer dual diagnosis treatment for people dealing with cooccurring disorders.  Lastly, we have twelve step programs and coordinate with aftercare support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. 


If you or one of your loved ones is struggling with substance abuse, no matter how recently the issue may have begun, please give us a call today.  It is never too soon to address a problem with drugs or alcohol. 


Signs and Symptoms of Addictive Behaviors

The Early Stages of Addiction

Many substance abuse and behavioral therapy professionals talk about the four stages of addiction, and in some models, this has been expanded to seven.  Regardless of how many stages addiction is broken down into, it typically starts the same way for everyone. The first time they use, more so with an illicit drug than with alcohol which is regularly consumed socially without negative impacts and experimenting further with one or more substances. Below are all seven phases, with initiation and experimentation, followed by regular use being the early stages of addiction:


  • Initiation
  • Experimentation
  • Regular Usage
  • Risky Usage
  • Dependence
  • Addiction
  • Crisis/Treatment

 6 Signs of Addictive Behaviors To Look Out For

Someone who has been abusing drugs or alcohol often will try to hide their activities from friends and family members, and certainly from work associates or schoolmates. Even though someone may not think their substance abuse is harmful to themselves or others, underneath they can realize it is an issue they do not want to reveal to other people.  If you think someone close to you has begun using drugs or drinking alcohol more than socially, here are some signs to look for regarding changes in their behavior:


  • Inability to Stop
    • This will often be accompanied by denial and claims they can stop at any time.
    • This also leads to being anti-social and isolating themselves. 
  • They Continue to Use with Negative Consequences
    • Individuals will downplay the negative impacts of their drug or alcohol use
    • Drug abusers will also hide issues that arise, like job loss, from loved ones
  • They Are Preoccupied with Substance Use
  • Changes in Everyday Behavior
  • Increasing Use of Substances
  • Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

Getting Help at TruPath Recovery

The silver lining to the continued issues with abuse and addiction across the country, including specific problems like the ongoing opioid epidemic, is that there are a lot of options when it comes to recovery centers and treatment plans for substance use disorders.  If you think you have a problem with and need opioid treatment, cocaine treatment, heroin treatment, alcohol treatment, or help with any other substance use, please call us today at TruPath and find out how we can help you make a positive change in your life. 

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