12 Female Celebrities in Recovery

Celebrities in Recovery: Male versus Female

We often hear about famous people who struggled with drug or alcohol abuse, especially men, including Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, and Robert Downey Jr. However, it is less often that we know about female celebrity recovery stories. For many, the lifestyles of rich and famous celebrities seem like a dream come true, but their lives are often centered around long days on movie sets, arduous touring schedules, public scrutiny, and a lot of pressure and stress that may drive them to substance abuse.

Substance Use in Women: How Addiction Affects Women

The differences in substance abuse among men in women vary greatly. For many decades, addiction research only examined addiction to drugs and alcohol in men. Typically, men are more likely to abuse illicit drugs and alcohol when compared to women. Several biological and sociological differences have been found in the root cause of addiction in women versus men. Some key difference in addiction among women is that they are more likely to transition from substance abuse to substance dependence and at a faster pace, they’re more likely to self-medicate with illicit drugs, they’re more likely to suffer substance abuse side effects like liver damage and overdose, and they are more likely to experience intense cravings and relapse. Addiction recovery can also look different for both sexes and specialized groups in treatment centers can increase addiction treatment outcomes.

12 Female Celebrities in Recovery You Should Know

  1. Naomi Campbell: Campbell has been sober for many years after battling cocaine addiction and alcohol addiction. She took time off her modeling career to get cocaine addiction treatment.
  2. Edie Falco: She is among some of the sober women in Hollywood after having a high-functioning alcohol addiction.
  3. Kristin Davis: this Sex in the City alum is among the sober celebrities. She also dealt with alcohol addiction and went to alcohol rehab before landing her iconic role.
  4. Oprah Winfrey: Oprah has been very open about her cocaine addiction and has inspired many to get substance abuse treatment.
  5. Kat Von D: the celebrity tattoo artist used to battle alcoholism but is now among the long list of sober women. Kat Von D recently celebrated her 10-year sobriety anniversary.
  6. Jessica Simpson: She recently celebrated her 4 years of sobriety from alcohol addiction. Jessica Simpson learned about how her battle with alcohol stemmed from childhood events and got trauma therapy to help the root of her addiction issues.
  7. Kate Moss: Moss’s cocaine addiction lost her a reported $4 million in modeling contracts but spent a period in alcohol and drug rehab. She is 4 years sober after being the wildest woman in the fashion scene.
  8. Christina Ricci: On top of battling an eating disorder, Christina Ricci also had issues with substance abuse. Today she is among the list of celebrities in recovery.
  9. Jane Lynch: Among the actresses in recovery, Jane Lynch suffered from a cooccurring disorder of addiction and depression.
  10. Eva Mendes: In 2008, Eva Mendes openly checked herself into alcohol rehab and has enjoyed sobriety ever since.
  11. Nicole Richie: She has received treatment for an eating disorder as well as opioid addiction treatment for her, after being arrested for the possession of heroin.
  12. Jada Pinkett Smith: Pinkett Smith has been open about her struggles with substance abuse and drinking multiple bottles of wine in a night. She has said even though she did not go to alcohol rehab, many would benefit from it.
  13. Drew Barrymore: As a child star, it contributed a lot to her alcohol and drug addictions. Drew Barrymore was checked into mental health treatment at age 13 and spent a lot of time in and out of alcohol and drug rehab. She is now proudly among the list of celebrities in recovery.

Drug or alcohol addiction can happen to anyone. Getting substance abuse treatment as soon as you can increases your chances of addiction recovery, but treatment can help anyone no matter where they are in their addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling with drugs or alcohol, TruPath Recovery. 

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