How to Stay Sober During the Summertime

How to Enjoy Summer in Sobriety

The summer months bring many things with them — warmer weather, longer daylight hours, and more opportunities for socialization to name a few. If we are to face the facts, the American brand of social life often includes the not-so-secret ingredient of alcohol. Mainstream media rarely portrays a good time without a beer or cocktail in hand, despite the fact that at least 30% of Americans do not consume alcohol for one reason or another. So don’t let this common depiction discourage you, there are many ways to participate in summer fun that don’t involve alcohol. We have also included some ways to help you stay sober during the summer if you do find yourself in social situations with alcohol and you are still in the recovery stages of alcoholism

Tips for Maintaining Your Sobriety During the Summer

Alcohol Free Activities

Many places don’t allow any food or drink, let alone alcohol such as museums, many stores, and historical churches. You can also look up “dry counties”, places that don’t serve any alcohol within the town limits and see what fun things they have to offer.  

Find Kid-Friendly Activities and Programs

Places designed for children and family programs often don’t serve alcohol for obvious reasons. Spend time with your own kids or join a friend’s family summer vacation and delight your inner child with a summer of water parks, arcades, and theme parks. You don’t even have to have kids as an excuse to enjoy these things! More and more people of all ages are embracing the childlike wonder of these types of places. 

Exercise and Nature-Related Activities

If you’re working up a sweat and its hot outside, alcohol is not what you want to quench your thirst. Explore any local nature experiences like hiking or natural water sources. There are tons of adult sport hobby leagues available nowadays from flag football to softball you can sign up for or start your own health and wellness meetup with some like-minded friends and try something new every month.

Learning to Have Fun By Yourself

That is not as sad as it sounds. There’s something exciting about having your own plans. If a lack of accountability by being alone isn’t a risk to your sobriety, plan days or getaways all around you. Try a new restaurant, have a self-care day, or go to a museum or on a walking tour alone. The possibilities are endless.

Hosting Your Own Events to Avoid Alcohol

If you are a social butterfly, be the one to take charge and plan a sober summer event so the alcohol doesn’t sneak its way in. Invite friends over to cook, do a small DIY project, or for a game night. 

Trying Some New Hobbies

There are many things to do where alcohol doesn’t have a place. Volunteering with kids, a local community center or the elderly are good places to start. Also pretty much anything involving animals will keep alcohol far from your mind. If you are religious or spiritual, there are many opportunities to serve with local churches of multiple religions and all these things facilitate being sober in the summer.  

Perfect Your Sleep Hygiene

Alcohol is often thought of as an evening accessory, so making plans that fit early in the day is a good way to avoid running into libations. Even restaurants that usually serve alcohol won’t have it out during breakfast times. Otherwise, morning visits to farmer’s markets or local fairs and summer fun festivals help you avoid the later drinking crowd. 

Trying Mocktails and an Accountability Buddy

If you are heading out to socialize where alcohol is being served like music festivals or a concert, bring along someone you trust or a sober friend who is aware of your recovery journey so you have a safety net. Put together an exit strategy with them if you feel things are getting to be too much and you feel your sobriety is at risk. Going alcohol-free is common these days so many places are more than willing to make mocktails, or fancy drinks without including the alcohol so you can join in the flavor experience but stay sober in the summer. 

Addiction Treatment and Summertime Recovery Support at TruPath 

TruPath Recovery Centers is a group of luxury rehabs that specialize in providing the highest quality therapeutic services to help treat those with alcoholism and substance abuse disorders. TruPath offers holistic treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and alcohol detox in its recovery programs. 


Their treatment centers also have extensive aftercare programs to help with implementing the skills you learn during rehab treatment when you return to everyday life. You can continue to access dual-diagnosis treatment programs for co-occurring disorders that often arise with those struggling with addiction or ask about what sober living homes are available if you need the extra support to maintain your sobriety. 


If you believe that you may be at risk of relapse from alcohol or drugs this summer, speak with one of our medical professionals about treatment programs offered at (251) 501-4357, as well as our intensive outpatient rehab and other therapy options to see what is the best fit to help you avoid triggers and stay on track in your drug or alcohol addiction recovery. 

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