Xanax Drug Detox: How it Works

Xanax Drug Detox

Xanax Drug Detox: When Xanax Is Prescribed?

Xanax is a prescription medication that is classified as a benzodiazepine. A benzodiazepine is a specific form of prescription medication that is a depressant and works to provide a sedation or hypnosis effect. Due to Xanax being a benzodiazepine, it is an ideal medication to be used to treat symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, panic disorder, or insomnia. The sedative effects of this medication help to minimize the onset of symptoms for these disorders and allow you to stabilize your emotions and mental state to improve the quality of your daily life. However, if addiction sets in, a Xanax drug detox may be needed to overcome the dependence.

Xanax is prescribed to patients to be taken in an oral tablet or pill form. The dosage that will be prescribed will depend on your physician’s recommendation. Your doctor will recommend a specific dose depending on your specific history with Xanax and the severity of your symptoms from your co-occurring disorder. Typically, the more severe your symptoms are, the higher your dose of Xanax will be to mitigate the severity of your symptoms. No matter which dose you take, your doctor will continue to monitor your use of Xanax to ensure that it is effective and safe. 

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