Rehab for Drug Addiction: Get the Comprehensive Treatment You Need at TruPath Recovery

Why Do You Need Drug Rehab for Addiction?

Addiction is a condition that no person would ever knowingly ask to have or to deal with. Instead, addiction is a disease which requires specific help and treatment to be able to work through. One of the best things that you can do is to reach out to a substance abuse treatment center such as TruPath so that you can get the immediate help and care that you need to recover from your addiction. Here are just a few reasons why you should commit to rehab for drug addiction: 


  • Professional care and support 
  • Support from individuals who are also working through a treatment program 
  • A safe and sober environment 
  • A deeper understanding of the root cause of your addiction 
  • The steps that you can take in order to work through your substance abuse issues 


In order to receive this level of help and care, you should always reach out to our intake team who can provide you with the answers to any of the questions or concerns that you may have when it comes to your substance abuse issues. 


One of the reasons why so many people stay away from rehab for drug addiction is due to the fact that they mistakenly believe that rehab is something that is outside their financial realm. However, if you have insurance, there is a strong possibility that your time in treatment could be completely covered or partially covered through your insurance provider. If you do have insurance, it’s important that you let your treatment team know so that they can take steps toward helping you to utilize your insurance coverage. 

rehab for drug addiction

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment

One of the most important decisions that you will need to make before you begin your treatment program is whether you will work through an inpatient or an outpatient treatment. Countless people feel as though they cannot commit to an addiction treatment program due to the people, places and things around them. Therefore, it’s imperative that they have a safe and sober environment in which they will be able to focus on the steps that they need to take to truly overcome their addiction once and for all. This is what you will find in an inpatient treatment program. When you opt to work through inpatient treatment or residential treatment, you will have the opportunity to live on our campus and enjoy the around the clock care from our addiction treatment team. In addition to that, you will also be able to interact with other individuals who are working through their own treatment program. This is something that can ultimately help you to build your system of support which is something that is critical. 


Outpatient treatment programs come in different forms as well and offer more flexibility in comparison to an inpatient treatment program. An intensive outpatient program and a partial hospitalization program can work around your unique schedule for work or school. An intensive outpatient or a partial hospitalization program will get you the help and the care that you need while still seeing to these other important responsibilities in your life. Keep in mind that you can transition into an outpatient program following an inpatient program if you would like to continue on in your recovery journey. 

What is Addiction Therapy?

Addiction therapy is something that will serve as a cornerstone as your overall treatment program. While it’s true that addiction therapy is something that may feel awkward or uncomfortable at times, addiction therapy is something that can help you to develop a better understanding of the events that happened in your life that may have triggered your addiction. From there, you can take steps toward working through these issues and learn what you can do to avoid making those same mistakes going forward. Addiction therapy includes: 


  • Family therapy
    Family therapy is a form of counseling that can help you to bring your family back together. Unfortunately, family relationships are something that are often negatively impacted as a result of substance abuse. However, through family therapy, you may be able to put those relationships back together and focus on the steps that you need to take to get better.  
  • Individual therapy
    Individual therapy, also known as one-on-one therapy, is a more personalized form of therapy. There are many people who feel as though they don’t want to share these individual details in a group environment. By working one-on-one with our treatment team, you will be able to manage and work through these struggles so that you can live a healthier life.  
  • Behavioral therapy
    During the time that you are in active addiction, there is a strong likelihood that you will have developed negative behaviors that would impact you going forward. Behavioral therapy will help you to identify these behaviors in a meaningful way. You will learn positive behaviors and you will also learn how to identify the negative behaviors that you have been struggling with so that you can make changes to them going forward.


Aftercare for Drug Addiction

It’s important to remember that a substance abuse treatment program is only the first step in a life long recovery process. This is one of the leading reasons why we always recommend that you commit to an aftercare program following your time in rehab for addiction. Aftercare programs are something that come in many different shapes and forms. For instance, there are people that opt to go through a formal aftercare program through TruPath. This is an excellent opportunity to remain connected with your addiction treatment team and also continue to grow and develop your system of support. 


Another type of aftercare program that people often commit to is going to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings on a regular basis. One of the great things about AA or NA meetings is the fact that they take place nearly anywhere at any given time during the day. There are in person meetings, phone meetings and even virtual meetings which can help you to meet other people who are working through their own treatment program and need additional help and support as they navigate through their own recovery. 


Aftercare programs have been shown to help a person to avoid falling back into the trap of addiction going forward. Further, you will also have the opportunity to reach out for immediate help if you do happen to relapse. 

TruPath Offers Comprehensive Treatment Programs

At TruPath, we offer rehab for addiction regardless of the substance that you’re addicted to. Our comprehensive treatment programs are second to none and provide you with the support and care that you need to work through your addiction issues. We provide a personalized treatment program which will give you the immediate help that you need so that you can move forward and live a healthy and successful life. Our intake team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you get started on your treatment program. Don’t live another day lost in the path of addiction. Get in touch with us today and learn more about the treatment programs that are available to you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you through this stage of your life! 


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