How to Find a Sponsor in AA

What Is a Sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous?

Recovery from alcohol addiction is a chronic disorder and will be a lifelong journey of healing. You are going to need support throughout addiction recovery, and one person who can give you that support is a sponsor in AA. 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous can be very beneficial for maintaining sobriety. Finding a sponsor in AA is often recommended and can help you stay on track in your relapse prevention plan.

An AA sponsor, or alcoholics anonymous sponsor, is a person that guides you through 12-step programs. Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor is also someone who is in alcohol addiction recovery. They are also far enough in their addiction recovery journeys that they are stable in their sobriety and have a large amount of knowledge on the 12-step program. They are essentially an AA mentor and those recovering from alcohol addiction that wants an AA-sponsored person, are responsible for getting their sponsor on their own.

How to Find the Best AA Sponsor for You

Members of AA are responsible for finding their own AA-sponsored person. You do this by simply going up to someone and asking them to be your AA sponsor. Be sure that the person you are asking is further along in their recovery journey than you are and are stable in sobriety. Here are some tips for finding a good AA sponsor:

Regularly Attending Meetings. Attending 12-step meetings will allow you to meet many other further recovering alcoholics and you can easily find someone who is further along than you.

Listen to What Others Say at 12Step Meetings. Make sure you find a sponsor that you are confident is far along in their recovery journey and is stable in their sobriety from what they share about themselves in AA meetings. You can also find someone who fits your personality.

Pray and Meditate on Your Choice of a Sponsor in AA. Before picking your AA-sponsored person, you should pray and meditate on whether they are a good pick, even if you are not a religious person.

How To Find An AA Sponsor

What to Look for in Your Potential AA Sponsor

There are several things to consider before choosing an AA sponsor, such as:

How Far Along the Person is in their  Recovery Journeys. The number one thing is your potential sponsors are maintaining sobriety and are further along in the recovery process than you. They should also be knowledgeable about AA meetings.

The Potential Sponsor’s Availability. When you choose an AA sponsor, make sure they have the time to be your sponsor. They shouldn’t already have a bunch of sponsors or a busy lifestyle.

Whether the Person Wants to be a Sponsor in AA. It is important to consider if the potential sponsors even want to be one. Not everyone is that far along in their addiction treatment program or they even feel comfortable doing it.

Consider Possible Romantic Attraction with the Sponsor. Make sure you are not sexually attracted to your AA sponsor which is important because it could complicate things.

How much trust You Have in the Person. Listen to your gut, if it allows you to trust someone along with all the other good qualities of an AA sponsor, they are likely a good choice.

Consider Your Similarities and Differences. There should be enough similarities that your potential sponsor understands you, but also enough differences that they offer a different perspective.

Alcohol Addiction Support Groups at TruPaths

At TruPath, a large portion of our addiction treatment programs are based on therapy, but individual therapy and group therapy. We also use 12step programs at our addiction treatment center to help you get acquainted with the program and continue using these support groups as part of your relapse prevention plan.

If you are struggling with alcohol abuse and addiction and would like to learn more about how TruPath can help your recovery process, please contact us today.

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