Drug and Alcohol Rehabs That Accept CoreChoice

It can be very stressful deciding whether to begin drug abuse and mental health treatment.  Many people avoid or put off alcohol and drug rehab because they think they have their alcoholism and drug use under control. Alcohol and drug abuse can also affect the people around the individual struggling with substance use disorders. Top rehab centers like TruPath have developed many different treatment approaches for people who have drug or alcohol issues.  We know that having many levels of care means we can help the most people possible find the addiction treatment they need in order to begin recovery.

Another issue people talk about a lot when it comes to substance abuse treatment or mental health and addiction care is the cost.  How much do outpatient programs cost?  How much is an inpatient rehab program? And does insurance cover treatment programs are all questions we hear regularly. We’re here and ready to talk to you about the answers.  If you would like to hear more about our treatment facility and treatment plans at TruPath, please call us today. One of our outstanding substance abuse and mental health specialists will take you through the treatment process and programs our recovery center provides to help you make an educated choice on substance abuse care.

Does Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The two-pronged answer to whether alcohol rehab and drug rehab are covered by insurance is yes and it depends.  Yes, a lot of insurance plans cover part or all of the drug treatment.  How much or what percentage any given insurance plan covers regarding residential treatment or outpatient treatment depends on the stipulations in the individual policy.  Coverage may vary by percentage or amount based on different treatment settings.  One of the first things we do at TruPath is verifying your insurance coverage so that you are getting the most out of the benefits you are allotted. It can be tough because many people worry about cost, but choosing the right care program is the most important thing and we try very hard to aim toward that goal with all of our clients. 

How Much Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cost Using Insurance?

Before you begin an addiction treatment program you should contact your insurance company to go over what they cover, amounts and percentages, and how you will pay treatment providers or get paid back for the money you lay out.  You may want to review this with loved ones, too, in order to make sure they know the treatment you are receiving and how any mental health and addiction treatment needs to be paid for while you are taking part in a care program.  How much drug or alcohol rehab will cost depends on the type of treatment plans that individuals are taking part in during their addiction recovery.  Drug detox, alcohol detox, alcoholism treatment, and specialized programs like intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization plans will all cost different amounts. This coupled with the fact that different insurers cover varying amounts of abuse treatment means that an exact figure is based on a lot of factors, and can’t be established until everything is reviewed by our counselors and admissions specialists. 

How to Use CoreChoice to Pay for Addiction Treatment Services

CoreChoice is a network of service providers.  This network combines medical, technological, and insurance industry professionals that help people find and pay for care.  Clients can address issues with depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), eating disorders, alcohol abuse, and substance use disorders as well as other associated problems.


At TruPath Recovery, We Accept CoreChoice and Many Other Insurance Plans!

At TruPath Recovery we accept CoreChoice for alcohol and other drug treatment needs.  Call us today to find out more about our drug and behavioral health treatment options.

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