Residential Rehab for Drug Addicts

Inpatient drug rehab can help people suffering from substance use disorders manage their addiction to drugs and alcohol. TruPath is a top drug rehab center that offers multiple levels of care for treatment drugs and alcohol addiction. TruPath recovery programs include inpatient treatment, outpatient rehab, alcohol and drug detox, dual diagnosis treatment, sober living, and continuing care outpatient programs. 


When substance abuse turns to dependency and then to drug or alcohol addiction, the condition is unlikely to improve without substance abuse treatment. Alcohol or drug addiction is a chronic condition that requires ongoing management. Residential treatment at TruPath’s treatment facility helps clients build a strong addiction recovery foundation with our evidence based addiction treatments and holistic treatments. If you’re struggling with addiction, our caring clinicians can provide you with a customized treatment plan that includes individual therapy and additional therapies that suit your needs.


Going to Residential Rehab for Drug Addiction

Many people struggling with addiction prefer to begin their recovery process with residential treatment. Clients enrolled at our detox center for medical detox can expect support for their physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Our clinicians can provide medications to reduce the discomfort associated with drug or alcohol withdrawal. After detox, many clients choose inpatient treatment in order to focus on their recovery program without unwelcome distractions that could derail their treatment progress. Our treatment center features a supportive setting and amenities designed to enhance comfort and healing.

How Long Will Residential Drug Rehab Last?

Rehab programming, including inpatient rehab, often lasts between 30 and 90 days, but clients often transition from inpatient rehab after a period of time to outpatient treatments like intensive outpatient treatment as their support needs change and they begin to integrate back to their lives. Clients who require medical detox usually spend about one week detoxing before moving on to the next phase of their treatment plan. Clients who have multiple addictions or are suffering from mental health disorders and need dual diagnosis may prefer to spend a longer time in inpatient rehab to ensure they’re able to manage their conditions.


Treatment During Residential Rehab

TruPath features a wide range of drug and alcohol abuse treatments. Clients can include these therapies in their personalized treatment program. Some of our substance abuse treatment offerings include: cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, dialectical behavioral therapy, medication assisted treatment, 12step programs, couples therapy, family therapy, trauma therapy, experiential therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, holistic treatments, and more. Clients will participate in individual therapy sessions as well as group therapy. 


We include medically sanctioned and holistic treatments in our treatment programs in order to target each aspect of a person’s physical and mental dependence on drugs and alcohol as well as other life aspects impacted by addiction. Our recovery center offers clients a safe and positive environment where they can immerse themselves in their recovery plan.


TruPath Residential Drug Rehab

If you have an opioid addiction, marijuana addiction, or any other substance use disorder, you should not put off treatment. Substance use disorders are not only chronic; they’re typically progressive, which means they’ll get worse until you do something to protect your physical and mental health. Addiction can impact relationships with loved ones, your job, and your finances. At TruPath, you can end your unhealthy dependence on drugs or alcohol and start your life fresh. 


Unlike other addiction treatment centers, we offer all levels of support. If residential treatment isn’t right for you, you can enroll in our outpatient programs. We also feature aftercare programming for clients who want ongoing support for their addiction recovery or cooccurring disorder. Contact us to learn more about our treatment programs today.

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