The Impact of Alcohol on Sex Drive

How Does Alcohol Affect Sex Drive?

People around the world consume alcohol on a regular basis, whether it is to have fun, relax, or socialize. However, there is no amount of alcohol that is healthy, and drinking heavily can have a big impact on your body and health, including your sex drive. Alcohol affects your sex drive in many ways including decreasing sex hormone levels, erectile dysfunction, and increasing your chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

7 Serious Impacts of Alcohol on Your Sex Drive

  1. Alcohol decreases your sex hormone levels.
    The sex hormone, which includes testosterone and dopamine, impact your sex drive. When you consume alcoholic beverages, testosterone and dopamine levels rise temporarily, however, they can then crash and cause low libido. Binge drinking over time can cause issues with the brain being able to regulate these hormones on its own leading to sexual dysfunctions.
  2. Heavy alcohol use can lead to poor sexual performance.
    Short-term effects of alcohol on men can cause temporary erectile dysfunction because there is decreased blood flow to the penis. Because alcohol dehydrates the body, it interferes with vaginal wetness when sexually aroused resulting in friction and discomfort. Alcohol use disorder has also been linked to long-term erectile dysfunction.
  3. Alcohol can cause sexual risk-taking.
    Drinking causes lowered inhibitions which may cause individuals to forgo safe sex practices such as wearing a condom which can result in sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.
  4. Drinking alcohol regularly can affect fertility.
    Not only does heavy alcohol use lower your sex drive, it can also affect hormones as well as lead to a number of ovulation disorders. Alcohol affects men’s sperm quality, including reducing sperm count, shape, motility, and size. All these factors can make it more difficult to get pregnant
  5. Alcohol makes other people appear more attractive.
    “Beer goggles” are actually scientifically proven and drinking alcohol makes people appear more attractive, even those who you might have not perceived as attractive to begin with. Lowered inhibitions, increased socialization, and “beer goggles” may lead to you sleeping with someone you would not have if not impaired by alcohol, which can lead to deep feelings of shame and guilt.
  6. Drinking alcohol affects your mental health.
    Alcohol use disorder and mental health disorders come hand in hand, however, you do not need to have an alcohol addiction for it to affect your mental health and mood. Although alcohol use can temporarily relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, it can also make those symptoms worse which can affect your sexual functioning and ability to get sexually aroused.
  7. Alcohol can contribute to sexual assault.
    It is important to note that sexual assault victims are never to blame, heavy alcohol consumption can contribute to sexual assault. Among college students, more than half of sexual assaults involved alcohol consumption by the perpetrator, the victim or both. Drinking alcohol can put individuals at risk of being drugged, not being able to clearly set their boundaries, and taking risks. Alcohol also affects a perpetrator more likely to commit assault by increasing violent and aggressive moods and not knowing the difference between intoxication vs incapacitation in the victim.

Find Help for Alcohol Addiction and Abuse at TruPath Recovery

If your drug and alcohol use is affecting your sex life and is not able to cut down drinking or binge drinking on your own, there is help available from treatment centers. Noticing your alcohol intake has gotten out of your control is the first step to getting help for your relationship with alcohol. At TruPath Recovery, we offer several levels of care to help you at any stage of alcohol dependence and addiction. You do not need to have a full alcohol use disorder in order to get treatment for your alcohol consumption. If you would like more information about how treatment centers can improve your relationship with alcohol, please give us a call at TruPath, our addiction specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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