How Long is Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

What is the Right Length of Time for Drug Rehab?

When you are struggling with substance use disorders it is difficult to know where to get started. Many people want to go to drug or alcohol rehab but don’t know which type of rehab program to choose. Between medical detox, inpatient care, and outpatient programs, figuring out which plans will your insurance cover and how much rehab costs, along with the varying lengths of rehab available, can be confusing and become a barrier to entry.

The good news is that figuring out the right length of drug rehab program for your own unique needs is not something you need to do on your own. At TruPath we will provide you with a drug rehabilitation assessment that can help us create a custom drug treatment plan that will work best for your unique needs.

What is the Average Length of Stay in Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

If it is recommended to you go to inpatient rehab at TruPath, you will move into a safe and 100% sober residence. Most people stay around 30 days in our residential treatment program, but it is also normal for people to remain in long-term treatment if they are suffering from severe addiction that requires a longer and more intensive substance abuse treatment plan, are feeling continued withdrawal symptoms, or have a history of relapsing. The TruPath recovery center is a place to come that removes distractions and temptations, so you can focus on healing and building healthy habits and coping mechanisms.

Outpatient rehab comes in many forms. At TruPath we offer 3 levels of care for drug and alcohol recovery, in which you will live at home and come to our addiction center for treatment, therapy, groups, and another programming at set times:

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)

You will attend group therapy, individual therapy, educational sessions, and support groups several times a week. This is an individualized program that is set for each unique client, with timeframes and goals laid out beforehand. Most IOPs last for weeks or months, and the more milestones a client meets, the less time needs to be spent in the facility.

Continuing Care

After your addiction treatment program is complete, you can stay in continuing care to keep your sobriety on track. This includes attending 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous and other peer groups for as long as you like, with most people staying in touch with sober communities for years after rehab.

Day Programs

This is an intensive program that requires clients to be in the rehab center for full days, 5 to 7 days a week, receiving treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, music therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy, and then returning home or to a sober living residence in the evenings. Day programs are usually transitional treatment plans that help people move from inpatient care to an IOP. This type of drug addiction treatment usually only lasts a few weeks in length.

How Long is Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Drug and alcohol detox treatment plans are short-term types of treatment that help the body remove toxins and rebalance brain chemicals in a safe and effective manner. At TruPath we offer medical detox, using prescription medications, 24/7 medical care, and therapy to ensure you do not suffer or become traumatized during your detox. Depending on which substance(s) you are detoxing from, it may take 3 to 14 days for you to stabilize enough to move on to the next level of treatment.  

Timelines for Inpatient vs Outpatient Drug Rehab

Those who come for inpatient treatment usually stay a month at minimum, with those dealing with a dual diagnosis or severe addictions staying for longer. An outpatient program is usually provided over a longer span of time, but is less intensive overall, with more flexibility so you can continue working or taking care of other life obligations.

TruPath’s Top-Rated Drug Rehab

TruPath is a nationwide network of addiction treatment centers offering a continuum of care that leads from detox through inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatments. We not only provide evidence-based treatments to heal the underlying causes of addiction and provide relapse prevention and recovery strategies, but we also offer holistic treatments, dual diagnosis for co-occurring mental health disorders, and a variety of other recovery opportunities in short- and long-term rehab.

Contact our team today at (251) 501-4357 to find out more about our substance abuse treatment programs, short vs. long-term treatment, and how we can help you maintain your long-term sobriety.

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